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MEkey Dog Tag - Blister
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Welcome to the MEkey

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Please see our new website at for the full range of products from MEkey ICE ID

The MEkey ICE tag is a USB powered emergency medical id record that you can comfortably wear all the time, at home or on your travels. It is ideal for anybody with allergies or other medical conditions and for biker id, cyclist id, sports id including skiing, cycling, running, climbing, hill walking or biking.

MEkey gives you and your family peace of mind, because if you cant talk yourself the MEkey becomes....

'the key to who you are'

The emergency medical ID record can contain any or all of the following information:

  • name, sex, year of birth, nationality
  • picture of the owner
  • medical information
  • allergy information
  • emergency contact names and numbers
  • doctor contact information
  • blood group
  • organ donor status
  • travel / medical insurance details
  • EHIC information

The emergency medical id record only contains essential information to allow first responders to assist you. Details that could be used by those involved in ID fraud (such as address, full date of birth etc.) are not included.

  • Multi language translation
  • Your MEkey ICE tag also has an advanced File Manager feature with built in encryption. This allows you to securely store more information, such as scanned images of documents that you might need while travelling.
Imagine trying to carry all this information around with you in printed format, and keeping it safe and secure. MEkey ICE tag is the solution!

MEkey ICE Tag - The Key To Who You Are
might just save your life!

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Please see our new website at for the full range of products from MEkey ICE ID


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