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MEkey Wooden Dog Tag
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MEkey Wooden Dog Tag

Price per Unit (piece): £19.99

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Allergic to metal? Dont want to wear a MEkey wristband or carry a MEkey card or just want to be that little bit different?

As with all the other MEkey devices there are no parts to loose, as its a self contained unit. On this dog tag the body and lid are connected by a leather cord (lanyard) and once the lid is in place it is held closed by a small magnet.

With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake etched into the wood it is highly recognisable.

Weighing only 9g you will quickly forget you are wearing it, and with 1GB of storage there is plenty of room for further vital documents

The bespoke PHR medical & emergency system will run on Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 right out of the tin.

Can be worn as a dog tag, key ring or tie it to a rucksack zip. Comes complete with lanyard, a sliding magnetic cap, and shipped in a blister pack.

Totally self contained - No software to install, no internet connection required, no ongoing costs.

Due to the nature of the product, no two tags are the same (slightly lighter or darker, wood grain pattern etc). The wood for our tags is collected from sustainable forests and every tree taken down has a new tree planted in its place.

As with all MEkey USB ID devices there is a built in file management system that allows you to upload scanned images (passport, id card, driving licence, mot certificate, vehicle documents, full insurance information, any vital information, etc) and documents which can then be securely encrypted. For more information on the bespoke MEkey software select 'Software' from the menu above or click MEkey PHR Software

All MEkey Devices come with 2 FREE stickers.
Our extra ice labels are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are wearing or carrying a MEkey ICE ID device.


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