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File Management Screen Shot

File Managenent - The advanced file management screen allows you to upload documents to the MEkey device and then encrypt them for safe storage.

file management


Once a file is uploaded you can highlight it and encrypt it. Encrypting a file makes it virtually impossible for anyone except the owner to access them.

Files for travellers might include:

  • full travel insurance policy
  • vehicle documents (V5 vehicle registration, mot certificate, motor insurance policy)
  • vehicle manual
  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your driving licence
  • copies of any tickets
  • vaccination certificates
  • plus copies of any other document you might need

Other options on the File Management screen are: Save a file to the local PC, Delete a file from the MEkey device, Open a file on the MEkey device, and Decrypt a file.

Further information on the screen displays a full listing of files, the size of the files and how much capacity has been used.

This feature really brings the MEkey medical alert right upto date - allowing you to carry so much more in a small convenient device.