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Medical ID Card Offer

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The nights are drawing in now and Winter is well on its way, which means snow and the Skiing / snowboarding season isn’t that far off now....  So we have our MEkey ICE Cards are on a 10% discount, making them only £17.09 until the end of November.

If you ski or snowboard, think about wearing a MEkey ICE tag. If the worst happened who would tell your medical story for you?

Emergency personnel, ski patrol and medical staff are trained to recognise medical ID devices – All MEkey ICE tags carry the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake design along with the acronym ICE (In Case of Emergency) – so are highly recognisable.

In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your MEkey ICE tag will be the key to who you are.  It’s not just a another piece of kit – it’s peace of mind.  It will not prevent the worst happening, but if it does then wearing MEkey ICE ID with the paramedic star and acronym ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) will be highly visible to any ski patrol or paramedics checking airways and pulse points.

Not only medical emergencies are covered with the MEkey ICE ID Tag – it can also hold copies of your travel documents, driving licence, passport, tickets, visas etc.  Great for snowsport ID when you are way skiing abroad.

  • Easy to update – just plug into a USB and update any information and save, or upload and encrypt new travel documents.
  • No on going subscription to keep the information live – Its all held on the MEkey ICE ID tag
  • One off payment for the MEkey ICE ID of your choice
  • Cheaper than many engraved ID tags
  • Multi language translation
  • Unlike QRcode based systems all the information is held on your MEkey ICE tag, so no danger of anyone scanning the barcode and finding out information about you
  • Includes two stickers to stick to your ski helmet to further highlight you are wearing MEkey ICE ID.  (temperature resistant -20 to +80 C and waterproof)


For more information just click the card above

Great emergency / medical ID for skiers, snowboarders, runners, bikers, skiers cyclists any outdoor or adventure sport.


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