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MEkey ICE Products

mekey ice - biker id, cyclist id, medical id, rider id

If you are a biker, cyclist, runner, skier, an adventure sport enthusiast MEkey ICE is for you providing emergency ID. If you travel or have medical conditions MEkey ICE Tags give you peace of mind as 'the key to who you are'

mekey ice - usb biker id
mekey ice runner id - sports id
BIKER ID - Enjoying the open road, on a motorcycle adventure, the long straights and twisties - the diesel on the road! It will not prevent the worst happening, but if it does then wearing a MEkey ICE dog tag with the paramedic star and ICE will be highly visible to any paramedics.
mekey-ice biker id
SPORTS ID - MEkey ICE devices are the perfect ID solution for cyclists, runners, joggers and walkers. Designed to provide vital lifesaving information to paramedics in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical incident when exercising.
mekey-ice cyclist id runner id
medical id

MEDICAL ID - Anyone with a serious allergy or medical condition - by wearing a MEkey device you will be giving as much information about your allergy or medical condition to medical staff which is always a life saver - Perfect emegency medical ID

mekey ice emergency medical id

MEkey ICE Tags - The Key To Who You Are.

Whatever sport, medical condition or just want peace of mind, MEkey ICE is there for you. Supplying USB ICE ID Dog Tags, Wristbands, cards and Wooden Tags - MEkey has you covered.


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You dont have to be going on a RTW bike challenge to use the features of MEkey ICE tags. If you are going on holiday or on travels upload all your important documents onto your MEkey, then encrypt them for safe storage and enter your emergency contact details. If you suffer from any medical conditions like autism, Alzheimers, diabetes, hypo thyroid, stroke etc and/or critical allergies such as penicillin, peanut or nut allergies, insect stings etc and need medical alert ID, then the MEkey ICE Tag is 'The Key To Who You Are'



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