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MEkey ICE tag Information


mekey ice dog tag

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What is the MEkey ICE tag?

  • It is a USB memory device contained within either a dog tag or wristband that can be worn on you at all times or a credit card shaped device that can be put in a wallet, purse or rucksack pocket.
  • All MEkey ICE ID devices carry the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake design - so they are highly recognisable.
  • The acronym ICE* is also incorporated into the design. (ICE - In Case of Emergency*)
  • MEkey ICE tag is based around bespoke PHR software that allows you to record personal details, emergency contacts and medical information for use in emergencies. This information is displayed when the USB dog tag, wristband or card is plugged into a computer to assist the emergency services - but can only be edited by first entering a unique password.
  • MEkey ICE tag can also store documents and files safely encrypted so that only the owner can access them. For example, if you are travelling abroad on you bike or in your car you could scan and encrypt the following
    • full travel insurance policy
    • vehicle documents (V5 vehicle registration, mot certificate, motor insurance policy, motorbike manual etc)
    • copy of your passport
    • copy of your driving licence
    • plus copies of any other document you might need
Imagine trying to carry all this information around with you in printed format, and keeping it safe and secure. MEkey ICE tag is the solution!


* ICE (initial source - wikipedia)

In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a programme that allows first responders (paramedics, firefighters, police, mountain rescue, etc) to identify victims and contact their next of kin. The programme was conceived in the mid 2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie. It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their mobile phones under the name "ICE". The popularity of the programme has spread across Europe and Australia and has started to grow in North America.

MEkey ICE tag is taking this concept one stage further by allowing you to keep personal and medical information and emergency contact information with you at all times to allow first responders access to vital information at the scene.


Who needs a MEkey ICE tag?

  • Motorcyclists
    • The thrill of the open road, this fast corners, the long straights - the diesel on the road! Wearing a MEkey ICE dog tag with the paramedic star and ICE will be highly visable to any paramedics checking airways if the worst happens.
    • Not only medical emergencies are covered with the MEkey Dog Tag - it can also hold copies of your bike documents, driving licence, passport, tickets, visas etc when you are way on a bike tour.
    • MEkey ICE Dog Tags are a great form of biker ID
  • Adventure Sport Enthusiasts
    • hill walkers, climbers, skiers, boarders, cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, horse riders, etc all need a 'backup' plan. MEkey ICE is the backup plan allowing first responders access to any vital information as quickly as possible.
  • Travellers
    • It doesnt matter if you are backpacking round the world, an adventure traveller, having a weekend away, or planning a gap year, MEkey ICE is 'the key to who you are'. If things go wrong while travelling you need to be able to have access to documents like copy of your passport, full insurance details, drivers licence, visas, inoculation certificates etc. Keeping these encrypted on your MEkey device could save lots of time and stress
    • Having easy access to emergency contact details and medical information might just save your life
  • High Risk Workers
    • Police officers, security staff, high level construction workers, plus many more
  • Lone workers
    • There are more and more lone workers these days (van/truck/delivery drivers, people who are on call ouside normal working hours, self employed, etc). If the worst happens, valuable time could be lost finding out who the person is and who to contact in an emergency. The MEkey ICE ID tags provide this, saving vital time.
  • Anyone with a medical condition or serious allergy
    • By wearing a MEkey ICE ID device you are giving medical staff as much information as possible quicky so as to help with your well being. (Medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, Autisum, Diabetes, Stroke plus many more are built in. Allergies like Penicillin, Aspirin, Iodine plus many others are included. Food allergies like nuts or peanuts and instect stings are also covered).
  • ....ANYONE
    • From time to time we all need emergency details either for our information or when the worst happens. That's when the MEkey becomes 'The key to who you are'


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